Luxury Accommodations:  Theme Rooms


Lamar has been the home to several influential people.  The Blue Top Inn and Sweets has dedicated their newly remodeled rooms to some of those who have come through Lamar.


Presidential  Suite

Truman room bedTruman room bed

President Harry S Truman Room


President Truman was born in Lamar, MO and resided here in his early infancy.  This room adjoins the Admirals' Quarters to form a suite when both rooms are rented together.



Admirals' room bedAdmirals' room desk

The Admirals' Quarters


Lamar is honored to be the home of three admirals in the U.S. Navy during World War II, T.S. Combs, Charles Lockwood, and Freeland Daubin.  As stated above the Admirals' Quarters form a part of the Presidential Suite.



Other Rooms

Carver room love seatLuxury room microwave and fridge

George Washington Carver Room


The National Park dedicated to George Carver is located only 25 miles south of Lamar.  Blue Top Inn and Sweets has dedicated this room to the godly man Dr. Carver was and the achievements he made during the period following the Civil War.



Luxury room vanityBoyer brothers baseball shadow box

The Boyer Brothers / Baseball Room


The Boyer family lived in nearby Alba, MO.  Of the seven brothers, in a family of 14 children, three brothers played in the major league baseball and were contemporaries of Mickey Mantle.



Prairie Room bedLuxury room bath

The Prairie Room


Lamar is located near Prairie State Park, which is dedicated to preserving a portion of the prairie in its nature state, including the native Bison.  Enhance your stay with us while learning to appreciate the prairie as God made it.